Friday, April 22, 2011

The King of Rock-N-Roll

It almost came to fisticuffs the other night down at the local hamburger joint.  I overheard these two 'Jack Wagons' talking about how Elvis Presley changed the World of music and how Elvis did this and Elvis did that and how Elvis was the best thing since shirt pockets.  I'll give Elvis his due but I'm no huge fan.  I sat quietly examining how perfectly the salt and the ketchup was clinging to my crinkle cut fries, when I heard the phrase that always sends me over the edge, "Yep, Elvis Presley, The King of Rock-n-Roll".

That was it, I could stand no more of it.  I loudly stated in manner sure to be heard, "The only reason he's considered the King is because Buddy Holly died first".  The cafe went silent, all you could hear was me slurping Coca-Cola through my straw and the crackling of the near perfect combo of shaved and flaked ice in my cup.

"What did you say boy?" asked a fellow that by his looks, probably makes at least two Elvis Conventions a year.  "I said if Buddy Holly wouldn't have died he would have been the King of Rock-N-Roll."  The old fellows started grumbling and I could tell it was probably time to split.  I paid my tab and listened as they worked up a plan to jump me.  I won't go through the list of names I overheard them call me.  All I'll say is thanks Buddy, I'll always stick up for you.

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